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The SSU Experience

SSU offers an outstanding life experience. Recognizing a direct connection between academic and personal development, SSU integrates holistic education with personal growth and our aim is to prepare people for a life of justice, beauty, and compassion, enabling a humble, creative engagement with their world. Studying here is an adventure for your mind, body, soul and spirit.

It’s a place to stretch yourself, expand your mind and reach out to be all that you can be. Come and explore your world, look into its past, engage with it now and imagine its future. Enjoy being part of an extraordinary community that will change your life.

We love creativity, and we often find that artistic people are drawn here. You’ll usually find guitars kicking around, or people gathered around the baby grand piano in our living room. In the fall we host Folk Fest, a day of live music where local artists can sell their products. During the winter we have Arts Night when we display artwork from our community. Beyond those events, you’re likely to encounter jam sessions, poetry readings, cookie nights, worship circles and dance parties: we just love the diversity and beauty that emerges when our students express themselves creatively.

Our Programs

We offer a unparalleled liberal arts education, with study abroad as an integral part of every degree. Unlike large, impersonal universities, St. Stephen’s University is a close-knit community with a Christian core, where friendships and fun blend with an education that teaches you to think, to communicate, and to engage with God and the world.

Did you know that we’re the smallest university in Canada? Our student body is intentionally small (under 100 students), so that every one of our students can be their own person, not a number. Studying, cooking, cleaning, and traveling together foster close relationships among students, faculty, and staff, which in turn promotes a maturity of character and faith that expresses itself both inside and outside the classroom.

Our Campus

St. Stephen’s University is located in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada. The campus overlooks the St. Croix River separating St. Stephen from Calais, Maine. Our nearest airports are Saint John, Fredericton and Bangor, Maine. You can drive here from Ontario in a day! We are right beside the ocean on the Bay of Fundy, in a small town that used to be a bustling port. It’s known as Canada’s Chocolate Town because a few steps away is a chocolate factory where the first chocolate bar was invented a looooong time ago.

Our main building is Park Hall – affectionately known as the Big Yellow House. Built at the turn of the 19th century by a wealthy shipbuilder, it houses our offices, residence, classrooms, kitchen and dining room. Daily life together is at the core of the SSU experience and, through spending time together, you will find yourself supported and shaped by those around you.

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