Important Academic Dates for 2015-2016


Fall Semester 2015                        

6              Residence opens

7              Labour Day
8              Meal service & Orientation activities begin
9              Orientation continued
                Payment of fees
10           First day of classes

24           Last day for course changes
28           Ministry module begins

9              Ministry module ends

12           Thanksgiving (no classes)
21           Payment of fees (2nd installment)

22-27     Special Events Break

28           Last day for course withdrawal

11           Remembrance Day (no classes)

9              Last day of classes

10           Course registration for next semester due
11-15      Examinations
16           Christmas Banquet            
17*         Christmas break begins (residence closed)

*Sorry, not possible to accommodate the lower airfare date of the 15th this particular year.


Winter/Spring Semester 2016

5              Residence opens (no meal service)
6              Payment of fees/registration for new students
7              Regular classes begin
21           Last day for course changes


25           Last day for course withdrawal

25           Payment of fees (2nd installment)



7-11        Study Break

TBA       Ministry Module Travel Study

25           Good Friday (no classes)


12           Last day of classes
14-18     Examinations

19-21     Thesis presentations
22           Graduation banquet
23           Convocation
24           Residence closes (1 p.m.)