The goal of such studies is to develop a more mature, coherent, and compassionate view of the world with “a feeling mind and a thinking heart.”

The first year of university life presents a number of challenges for students. The classes and expectations of teachers are different than high school, and for most students, this is the first time to live away from home. Our aim is to provide a supportive environment in which students can exercise their independence as they deal with the pressures of studies, while living responsibly.

The Foundation Year is the name we give to the first year of all our undergrad degrees. Courses are designed to introduce you to the ways that a variety of disciplines are approached in a university context, and we believe that a taste of all the disciplines is important before you decide on your major. A series of integrated workshops supplement these courses by inspiring the attitudes and values that prepare you for a successful start in your studies and your life in a community. Upon successful completion of at least eight courses, you can then go into the second year of either SSU’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of International Studies (BIS) programs. Transfer students who do not need four 1000 level courses are not usually considered on the Foundation Year track.


Course List

 Join us in our Foundation Year program and you will:


  • discover your interests and passions
  • develop strong reading, writing, and research skills
  • continue directly into a full SSU BA or BIS degree program
  • learn together in a community of friends

We believe there is a direct connection between success in academic studies and one’s spiritual and emotional well-being. So our student body is small (under 100 students) intentionally. Our small size means that close relationships develop between students, faculty and staff, who can focus on the academic and personal development of each individual.