Our undergraduate programs are largely residential. This means that all our students live on campus (especially in their first year). We are one big family here at SSU and our lives are centered around one building, Park Hall or ‘The Big Yellow House’. Park Hall, built at the turn of the 19th century by a wealthy shipbuilder, houses the offices of SSU, a residence, academic facilities, kitchen and dining room. It overlooks the St. Croix River separating St. Stephen from Calais, Maine. Years before it became a university, Park Hall was the prestigious ‘Park Hotel,’ housing guests such as Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe. Today it is the hub of life at SSU.

(pic) people on the move

(pic) madi moriah jen take notes

(text) live together

Live Together

(text) small class sizes…

Small class sizes lend themselves to seminar-style learning around a table rather than huge, impersonal lecture halls.

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(text) outstanding life experience…

SSU offers an outstanding life experience. Recognizing a very direct connection between academic development and personal development, between scholarship and maturity, SSU integrates holistic education with personal growth - living here is an adventure for your mind, soul and spirit.

(text) study together

Study Together

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(text) eat together

Eat Together

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(text) daily life together…

Daily life together is at the core of the SSU experience and, through spending time together, you will find yourself supported and shaped by those around you.

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