Q: Where is St. Stephen’s University?

A: In St. Stephen, New Brunswick, which is a small town of approximately 5,000 people located on the New Brunswick/Calais, Maine border. You can drive here in a day from Ontario, and we are about five hours from Halifax. We offer a transportation service from Fredericton or Saint John. View us on a map here.

Q: What makes St. Stephen’s University so different from other universities?

A: Well…

  • We are a small close-knit community with no more than 30 new students enrolled each year. There is no smaller university in Canada (and maybe the world).
  • We offer challenging academics that enable our graduates entry into Master’s programs, often with significant funding, as well as an environment for spiritual growth and exploration which we consider as important as academic growth.
  • We highly value authentic, honest faith and we are comfortable with difficult questions. In fact, we value questions more than answers, and don’t assume that answers are always helpful.
  • We are passionate about creating a safe place where everyone feels accepted and included. We can do this by being small.
  • We accept any student who wants to respectfully join our community, regardless of background, if they meet our academic entry requirements. So we aim to avoid judgment and prejudice towards anyone’s belief system, worldview, sexual orientation etc., believing that diversity of perspectives can create a vibrant community. In fact, we extend an especially warm welcome to people who have felt excluded from other communities.
  • We enjoy life together on a daily basis, cooking, eating, cleaning and travelling together as well as studying. Students share in the daily work of running the university, which keeps costs down and gets everyone used to the daily chores that are part of normal adult life.
  • We offer totally integrated, full credit study abroad in Europe and Asia as part of all our degrees. Students travel with their whole class to multiple countries. What other university can offer that?!
  • We are a Liberal Arts university with a Christian community at its core. So we’re different from other Christian universities that have quite strict rules and entry requirements, with statements of belief to sign and services to attend. But we have a loving, caring Christian staff and faculty at the centre of the community.

Q: Is St. Stephen’s University a Christian University?

A: SSU is a Liberal Arts university with a Christian community at its core. Most universities that would be labelled Christian universities are just for Christians, and often have religious entry requirements such as ‘statements of faith’ that students have to sign. This is not the case at SSU. Our doors are wide open to anyone who would like to respectfully join our community, whatever their background or faith perspective. We do not have mandatory Christian practices, but there are optional activities in which all students are invited to participate. Our professors are quite open about their faiths, but their job is to teach students HOW to think, not WHAT to think, so they will not push their worldviews on students.

Wait, so is SSU affiliated with one specific denomination?

No.  We have students, staff and faculty from many denominations and streams of the Christian tradition, and other students who have no religious background at all. We welcome students from all faith backgrounds, and also those with no faith background at all. Over the years our staff and faculty have come from many backgrounds including those from Anglican, Baptist, Vineyard, Mennonite, Catholic, Orthodox and other traditions. While most of our staff and faculty are not Catholic, our university, thanks to key partnerships, is conducive to Catholic students in several ways – if you’re interested, you can read more information here.

Q:What about LGBTQ+ students?

A: We welcome and embrace ALL students who’d like to be a part of our accepting, inclusive community.

Q: Where do SSU students come from?

A: Most of our student body comes from all across Canada and the US. We also welcome international students, and have had students attend from Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, and other places across the globe!

Q: Will my degree be recognized?

A: Yes. We are one of three Private Chartered Universities in New Brunswick, and have a Provincial Charter authorizing us to grant Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Our students have been accepted into Masters programs all over the world, often with significant scholarships.

Q: What do SSU graduates do with their degrees?

A: A liberal arts education provides graduates with flexibility of mind, a multiplicity of perspectives and the capacity for innovation. SSU focuses on teaching you how to think, how to present an argument, how to solve problems and how to relate well to diverse people. Employers love this! The SSU experience opens up a world of possibilities for either further education or a rewarding career, preparing you for life and work and helping you figure out what you want to do. SSU graduates have gone on to study or work in a wide variety of areas including the following: art therapy, business, disaster relief, education, film, fine arts, journalism, law, management, ministry, nursing, politics, social work, theology, and urban planning. Check out our Viewbook to see some of the crazy things our grads get up to.

Q: How can I find out more about SSU?

A: The best source of information is this website, so have a look around! We also have a Viewbook – you can see a digital copy of it on this site, but we would love to send you the real thing, so send us your mailing address!

If you want to see more of what we’re up to, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

We are also happy to answer any questions, or arrange a time for you to come visit! Please call us toll free at 1-888-CALL-SSU, e-mail us at [email protected], or contact us directly online.