In order to satisfy Canadian Immigration and Customs requirements for non-Canadian students, we are providing the following information.


Please read the following information, and then use PayPal to Submit your International Application Processing Fee. A welcome and orientation will be provided for International Students at the time of arrival.

  • Academic Requirements >>
  • Student’s Good Standing Policy >>
  • Student Complaint Resolution Process >>
  • Schedule of Fees >>
  • Tuition Refund Policy >>
  • Nearest embassy or consulate representing your country can be found here.

Please review samples of the Student Contracts which you will need to sign upon arrival at SSU

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Academic support and/or career counselling as appropriate will be provided through the Dean of Arts’ office. Please email [email protected], Attention: Dean of Arts.

The following support will be provided through our Community Life Office. Please email [email protected], Attention: Community Life.

  • Health and Social Services Support
  • Cultural or Religion
  • Religious Community Organizations
  • Peer Counseling

International students are required to purchase health insurance before their arrival in Canada, and must show proof of insurance during registration at St. Stephen’s University.

There is a $100 (CAD) application processing fee for applicants who reside outside of North America. Please give your name and pay now by PayPal. After checkout you will be taken to our International Student Application Form. 

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