Graduate Studies - SSU's Ministry Program

Learn and grow together in a community of hope

a group of undergrads chat with visiting 'modulite' Andrea a typical ministry module class Jane does her homework on the 2006 Greece & Turkey trip Wayne studies in Park Hall's dining room Garrett poses for the camera on the Greece & Turkey trip

SSU's Department of Ministry Studies provides a rich training ground for people who would like to devote their working careers to various forms of church or mission. We also provide a way forward for people that would like to grow in their own personal spiritual development so that their lives will be enriched no matter what career path they choose. Most of our work is at the graduate level (assuming a prerequisite undergraduate degree or equivalent) but we do have programs that are well-suited to individuals without this kind of educational background. We are here to help people grow as thoughtful, caring Christians who will love God, be led by His Spirit, and effectively care for people in whatever circumstances they find themselves.

Our ministry training programs are distinctive in several ways:

  • we are transdenominational in approach with a strong respect for ancient, traditional, contemporary and emerging forms of church leadership,
  • we blend a serious focus on academics with additional emphases on practical training and personal spiritual formation,
  • our intention is to develop healthy spiritual leaders that will be able to build healthy Christian communities,
  • we encourage an "ancient-future" paradigm by studying classical Christian writers as well as brand new writers and discussing their insights for pastoral care today,
  • we deeply value the ongoing work of renewal that the Holy Spirit brings to the church in many different ways, and we help people to be practitioners, not just observers.
  • we include travel, prayer, study, community life, worship, conversation and mission as essential elements of Christian formation.

Studying at St. Stephen's University will enrich you, deepen you, stretch your understanding of God's Word and God's world, and help you to become the kind of person that will help to build His Kingdom in ways that make sense in a quickly changing cultural context.

We offer two Ministry program options. Both are designed to be completed by module. This allows you to remain in your job, church, home, etc, while also completing your studies at SSU from a distance with periodic two-week visits to our campus.

Master of Ministry

The Master of Ministry is a part-time degree program normally completed over three years and delivered through modules by our faculty and adjunct faculty as scheduled at St. Stephen's University. The Master of Ministry is designed for those who have an undergraduate degree, or its equivalent, and who have worked in professional ministry for at least five years. Those without this level of experience will be required to complete an internship (these vary in length according to the amount of prior experience). Click here for more info.

Diploma in Ministry

At St. Stephen's University we recognize that there are many people who do not normally qualify to study for a masters degree who long for a deepening relationship with God and to enrich their intellectual life to better serve the Lord and the church. For this reason, we offer the Diploma in Ministry, which is particularly suitable for those interested in bi-vocational ministry or it may be taken by those who are currently engaged in professional ministry who have no university experience. Click here for more info.