Study Abroad


Asia Program Leaders

go beyond textbooks, classrooms, and exams
travel abroad as part of your education
  • It’s not an exchange program! Our study abroad terms are integrated with our undergraduate curriculum so that you have the opportunity to see first-hand the cultures, artifacts, works of art, and architecture you have been studying in the classroom.
  • Both faculty and students deliver lectures on-site at various historical and cultural locations allowing you to do things like learn about Julius Caesar as you sit in the Roman Forum!
  • While attending SSU, all students spend approximately 15 weeks studying abroad in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, England, Thailand, Laos¬†and many more countries!
  • These study abroad terms serve to illuminate and further ideas discussed in the classroom and with very little additional cost per term to the student. And this is the really great part: you get to travel with your whole class!
  • (Students who transfer in 45 credit hours or more will usually only participate in one study abroad term.)



Short-Term Trips