Undergraduate Studies

study the liberal arts & travel the world

A liberal arts degree is a foundation for diverse careers…

Students in our BA programs learn to think critically and deeply, not only about the world as a whole, but also about themselves, about their own ideas and stories. They learn to be curious, to see a bigger picture, to analyze and to present an argument. How we live is infinitely more worthwhile than what we do for a living, and before a student can know what to ‘do’ in life, they first need to understand who to be.

Employers choose people who know how to think…

Instead of narrowing down university education to a specific subject or career, our liberal arts degrees open up career options. Many employers favour liberal arts graduates because of their valuable ‘soft skills’: communication, teamwork, flexibility, critical thinking and problem solving. Each book that’s read, each paper that’s written, each conversation about ancient philosophy or social justice, prepares students for meaningful work and working with others.

Foundation Year

Bachelor of Arts

International Studies