Undergraduate Programs

The core of our academic program is our foundation in the humanities. To develop the ability to think critically in dialogue with human history and culture. By engaging ancient and modern texts, through lively classroom discussion, and through study abroad opportunities, you will build a robust personal and educational experience. Choosing a major helps to focus your perspective. As you engage with others, you will be able to identify how disciplines approach knowledge and tackle big questions.

Students have the option of pursuing an Honours degree. This interdisciplinary option includes a thesis in multiple concentrations.


Our Bachelor of Arts in Humanities program is a broad interdisciplinary degree that keeps your career options wide open. You study a bit of everything, and can then choose a major in Religious Studies, History, English or Philosophy. As with all our undergrad degrees, this course includes two terms of study abroad. The course is designed to develop students’ appreciation of the history, philosophy, literature and cultural diversity of the world in which we live.  Our small class sizes guarantee that every student has the opportunity to participate fully in the class and engage in meaningful dialogue with his or her professor.

Join us in our Bachelor of Arts in Humanities program if you would like to:


  • embrace the inter-relatedness of ideas by studying the core humanities (History, English, Religious Studies, and Philosophy)
  • experience a unique learning community that encourages you to be who you really are
  • explore the world with your friends while completing two terms of study abroad—one in Asia and the other in Europe
  • engage with challenging ideas, both inside and outside the classroom, as you learn to think critically about your surroundings


Our Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program integrates contemporary social science with a humanities-based, interpretive approach consistent with our Arts program and our study abroad terms. Through foundational, theoretical and applied courses in psychology, students will develop a holistic understanding of human behaviour. This program will set you up to work in many different fields that involve human interaction, from marketing to social work. Our tiny size means that each and every student will get individual attention and the chance to pursue their specific areas of interest.

Join us in our Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program if you would like to:


  • deepen your understanding of how and why we think, feel and behave the way we do
  • learn about the social sciences in an interpretive context that is integrated with the humanities and a global perspective
  • explore the world while completing two terms of study abroad—one in Asia and the other in Europe
  • experience the role of the community as the context for individual transformation

International Studies or Community Engagement

In our BA in International Studies and our BA in Community Engagement, students learn about crucial world issues from a variety of perspectives. As with all our programs, small class sizes ensure that each student has the opportunity to contribute their insights into class discussion. Because we are a small university, we can help each individual student pursue their specific interest in IS or CE, from international development to socio-economics to social enterprise. And we can arrange internships and work placements across the world or right here in St. Stephen, NB.

Join us in our Bachelor of Arts in IS or CE program if you would like to:


  • think seriously about pressing global and local questions of economic development, social justice, and environmental sustainability
  • gain hands-on experience of living and working within a close-knit learning community, at home and abroad
  • blend historical and contemporary views on world civilizations with compelling cross-cultural experiences
  • explore the world while completing two terms of study abroad—one in Asia and the other in Europe
  • get local work experience that will make it easier to get a relevant job when you graduate
SSU is a small christian university in Canada
Students in Asia on their study tour as part of their bachelors degree