Travel study tour to Asia with your whole class
As part of an SSU degree, students travel to Thailand
Learning in Barcelona, Spain as part of Europe travel term

SSU has a strong commitment to educating and equipping students to be informed world citizens. For more than two decades SSU students have travelled and studied abroad in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. This international experience is foundational to SSU’s Bachelor of International Studies undergraduate degree. This degree is slightly different from our Bachelor of Arts in International Studies because of the one year practical component, which you can do before or after you complete your studies in St. Stephen.

 Our international studies program:


  • is focused on vocations of service and social justice
  • is international, integrative, interdisciplinary, highly relational, and transformational
  • prepares students to serve those who suffer most
  • emphasizes professional and applied skills that can be directed toward sustainable economic development, social justice, and environmental stewardship
  • prepares students to integrate cross-cultural awareness with careers of international service

 Our Bachelor of International Studies program features:


  • innovative thinking and serious reflection on pressing global questions of economic development, social justice, and environmental sustainability
  • blending historical, contemporary and Christian views on world civilizations with compelling cross-cultural experiences
  • one year of applied study at a technical or community college
  • two undergraduate travel terms — one in Asia and one in Europe
  • experiential learning where principles and practices of stewardship and service are expressed through compassion and cross-cultural understanding
  • hands-on, practical experiences of living within a Christian learning community, at home and abroad
  • integrated and nuanced appreciation of issues such as poverty, population growth, disease, water shortages, human migration, climate change, war, gender inequality, community dynamics, pop culture, world religions, mass communications, strategic development, cultural heritage, and human rights

The BIS degree requires successful completion of at least 120 credit hours (15 credit hours per term), with a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 (“C”). At least 30 credit hours may be taken in professional or applied studies at a recognized technical college in New Brunswick or elsewhere. The BIS degree is typically conferred after a successful completion of four years of full-time study, which includes four terms in residence at SSU, two terms at a technical college, and study-abroad terms in Asia and Europe.

A technical college qualification (or its equivalent) could be completed before enrolling at SSU or after three years of study at SSU. The approved college program could last one year or two years, with 30 credit hours being transferred toward the BIS degree.

 The Bachelor of International Studies (BIS) includes 4 flexible components:


  • study of humanities and social sciences at SSU (60 credit hours)
  • study of an applied skill or trade at a technical college or similar recognized training institution (30 credit hours)
  • an SSU term in Southeast Asia (15 credit hours)
  • an SSU term in Europe (15 credit hours)