Part II: Pemba Highlights

By February 10, 2010All Things Travel

Iris Ministries was founded by Rolland and Heidi Baker back in 90’s. Both of these people inspire me in their Christian faith. The ministry in Pemba operates as an orphanage/church plant/ indigenous pastor training/missionary school/ village feed/ and a lot more. I am staying at their main base, but they have many throughout the country.  This base is approximately 75-100 acres in size and is located right next to the Indian Ocean.  How neat is that?  I love the ocean! I am happy to be here during the rainy season (even though it has rained very little) as the land is now green.

The missionaries here inspire and encourage me by their walk with God. They are spiritual, but very down to earth.  I have been able to meet lots of missionaries and become friends with them because it is a slower time at Iris.

My duties include helping out in the kitchen and teaching English to children.  In the kitchen, I mostly hand out plates to the children and collect them at the end of meals. I have also been going to a nearby village called Meize.   Meize is where I am teaching English to 35 kids so far.  The kids seem excited to be excited to learn English, and I am happy to help them learn. However, I am a bit nervous as there is no set curriculum so I’ll need more of God’s grace for thinking outside of the box.

In a surprise turn of events I’m also helping with prison ministry. I forget how this all came about, but last week I found myself in a truck headed for jail. We were there to preach, pray for the sick, and give food. This was a bit of a stretching experience, but God is good and was faithful to give me strength.  I enjoyed my time there. The inmates weren’t intimidating, more welcoming than anything. Being in prison and praising God with the inmates was an amazing blessing. African’s have great voices and love to sing.

The last thing that I’ll mention involves hugs. The kids here . . . love them, especially the little ones. Sometimes when kids come up to me they open up their arms and smile, as if to say, “pick me, pick me.” Their needy eyes make picking them up such an easy decision.



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