Snooze at Versailles?

By January 27, 2011All Things Travel

For anyone who’s been to Versailles on one of our trips, it makes an impression to say the least. Whether you’re appalled at the opulence, or overwhelmed by the extravagance, you definitely won’t forget being there.

Well, now you can more firmly implant that memory with a sleep as a private company has taken over one of the mansions badly in need of repair and is turning it into a hotel (click here for more details). Opinions go back and forth on whether or not government  and taxpayers should continue to pour millions into historic sites like this, or whether they should be turned over to private enterprise so that they can remain cost effective, if less historically representative.

Whaddya think Gregg Finley? Is there room for private enterprise in the preservation of UNESCO Heritage sites like this and other architectural gems?

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