A Whole New World

By November 9, 20102010, Asia

Oh Malaysia, it’s a very different place in comparison to the Philippines… or anywhere else I’ve ever been.  Every night I go to sleep to the sounds of low booming drums and Hindi music right outside my hotel window.  As I explore the city, be it in a mall or on the street, incense and curry are the two most common scents that fill the air.  I have only seen two churches while here, the rest of the religious buildings consist of Mosques, Hindu temples and Chinese temples.

Mosques are very quiet and peaceful, the Chinese temple I went to was busy and confusing and Hindu temples make me feel a little bit uncomfortable.  It’s a discomfort that derives from not being able to find comprehension about what the people in the temple are worshiping.  I understand that those who believe in praying to their ancestors or to various gods have very strong feelings about it and take it very seriously.  However, the tension for me lies in the emptiness that I feel in these places (Mosques exempted) and the knowledge in me that the belief system I have is truth.  But, I know this is how others feel about their faith and I don’t want to impose my faith onto theirs because they very well could believe that mine is not the right way either.

It’s strange being a minority to other religions rather than just a secular point of view as I’m more used to in the west.  It’s a confusing thought process that I don’t expect to figure out soon.

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