Here I am, at five in the morning, awake.

Just one of the many little bonuses to a twelve hour time difference is that you get to be awake at unreasonable hours of the morning, and because there is nothing else to do, decide to write your final blog. So here I am writing my final blog in the dark, because the sun does not rise in Canada until 7:30 –a completely unreasonable hour for the sun to come up if you ask me.

Anyway, yes. Final blog. Asia. Because I am back from the other side of the world of course everyone I meet is going to be like “Hey! How was Asia?”and of course I will reply that it was awesome, unforgetable, a wonderful experience, because there is nothing else I can say in a short two second blurb that will sum up everything that I have experienced on this trip. So I have to write this blog about my time in Asia…  The one thing I have learned that I have to do is to choose treasures, little jewels of the trip that I pick out and highlight, and hold up to the light so I can show whomever wants to know what a small part of my time in Asia was like. They do not necessarily have to be perfectly cut and polished pieces, but can be rougher, more uncomfortable ones that are not always seen for the value they have.

One of those pieces is the realization that I am now awake, aware and uncomfortable. I know that this is a good thing, but that recognition does not make it easier to live with.  I am aware of and have met people who believe just as –if not more– sincerely in their God than I do in mine, and it makes me uncomfortable. I am conscious of the fact that items I consider to be really cheap and inexpensive will feed the seller’s family for a month, and it makes me uncomfortable. I know that there are native people groups that are taken advantage of and marginalized by their governments, and I am uncomfortable.

As long as I talk about these things I will not forget, I will not become complacent, content in my own world and forgetful of theirs.

I am awake, aware, and uncomfortable; I hope I stay this way.


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