Being Uncomfortable is a good thing

By November 9, 2010August 11th, 20162010, Asia

Randomness and Novelty seem to be the core essence of the Asia trip. We are thrown randomly into novel situations. Everything is new. There are bright colours, strong smells, new faces, and loud noises everywhere. This is in great contrast to our somewhat dull and methodical lives in Canada. We go from greys and blues to yellows and oranges, from silence to constant noise. In this environment we cannot help but be somewhat random. We hang out with people we don’t normally hang out with and cannot help but try new things. Making everything we do seem random and foreign (pun not intended). For those of us like myself who like organization, the lack of pattern is terrifying. There has been more than one occasion when I have asked myself what I am doing going so against my norm? I came to the realization that I do this because we grow in unfamiliar situations. It is in this completely unfamiliar, random, and novel situation that I have reached out to people I wouldn’t normally for the sheer fact that they are the most familiar. In doing this I have formed friendships and relationships that I never knew were possible. The other day Debbie said something that I think it is very important to emphasize and remember ‘every moment is a gem.’ We should push aside our discomforts and remember this fact that there is a gem in every moment and we should strive to find it.

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