Breathing in Airports

By December 11, 20102010, Asia

Here I am, finally home in Canada; back to the cold.

And, let me tell you that moment when I walked up to the border guard, the relief I felt as I handed him my passport.

It’s funny that, when travelling it felt as though there was no real difference between one place and the next. Now, I don’t mean any literal differences but in the feelings I had. This trip was such an epic experience, yet most of the time my brain felt as though there was no difference between Laoag and Bangkok from Halifax.

And, I do mean literal differences aside. Comparing the skyline of Kuala Lumpur with that of Laoag and Halifax, the foods, the customs…it was all a drastic change. Yet, in the midst of all this, on the surface how casual and normal it all felt. Part of me wonders if this experience was so overwhelming with the stimulation of all that was different and new that my body just decided to block it all out. That, or maybe it just filtered it so that I could process it slowly, let it trickle in so that I’d be able to take it in when I was ready. And, it wasn’t until the moment when I realized I was home, I was back to the usual, that I could give a sigh of relief at the intense and incomprehensible world I had just come out of.

I think that sigh was a sign that I’m officially ready to process everything that’s been thrown at me. Finally home, I am able to experience the wonder that was.


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