First Taste of the Philippines

By October 21, 20102010, Asia

We began our Southeast Asia adventures by going on a six hour tour of the beautiful city of Hong Kong.  During the tour, we saw the Repulse Bay, Golden Bauhinia Square, and delighted in the view from Victoria Peak.  We then continued our journey to Manila.

The next day students started off the day with a history lecture followed by a tour at the House of Representatives. It was here that students were able to be exposed to Filipino politics, talk to the congressman and sit in on actual discussion time.  Our group was even formally welcomed in the House of Representatives!

The main highlight of Manila was the tour of the historical defence fortress, Fort Santiago.  We were guided through the fortress by an amazing Filipino tour guide who taught us the history of Manila through their eyes.

Following the service at Word of Hope Christian Family Church, we drove for ten long hours. After we were all checked-in at our hotel, we heard loud pouring rain and looked out to see the streets covered with water. That evening, we were informed that classes would be cancelled the following day and a super typhoon may hit. Thankfully, prayers were answered as no typhoon was experienced here and students were taken to their homestays as planned.  We feel that God was bestowed his graciousness upon us!  An added bonus of the possible impending typhoon is that the weather is much cooler and comfortable than expected.

Today students had a full day of lectures, a tour around the campus and visited the beautiful botanical garden. Spirits seemed high after returning from their homestays with the exception of a few who will most likely just take a little longer to adjust.

Yours Truly,

Asia 2010 Leadership Team

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