Hello goodbye

By December 7, 2010August 11th, 20162010, Asia

Hello goodbye. It’s time for this traveler to place her roots and unpack the boots. The airplane has landed and there are no more buses to whisk me away. The long road less traveled has been traveled. Home sweet home awaits. Though it’s not as I remembered. The roads are less chaotic; the air is cleaner. The sun is farther away; the stars are closer. That far off land from the King and I has come to life. I have traveled the world and have gotten to know a different culture. My mind has expanded, and my thoughts have grown. The next step is up to me. Do I continue on in this western mentality? Do I consume until I have consumed no more? Do I just run past people on the streets and don’t even see their faces or do I sit back and think what are they thinking? The choice is up to me. Am I going to stay on this path or am I going to go the other way?

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