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By October 21, 20102010, Asia

From the moment we were greeted at the airport to every restaurant, building or home we enter, we are greeted with the warmest smile by those who are eager to welcome us with hospitality that has blown me away. It seems everywhere we go, while visiting the house of representatives or the church of Paoay (one of the oldest churches) we are swarmed by school children so excited to see us and wanting pictures and autographs with no idea who we are. They work so hard to make us feel at home. One morning at our homestay I came downstairs for breakfast curious what would be offered that day. To my amazement on top of their standard of rice, eggs and meat our homestay mom had set on the table cereal and buns with a large tub of peanut butter beside them. I have been enjoying exploring new tastes and foods but biting into that bun with peanut butter spread on the top brightened my morning like you would not believe. She had gone out of her way to provide us with foods that we were comfortable with. However much I appreciated this moment of hospitality I also enjoy how much our homestay mom smiles when she shares the Filipino dishes with us and watches us try them and says “oh you so cute…like dolls”


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