Malaysia, talk about different expectations

By November 4, 20102010, Asia

Already one week in the country and this city and my idea of an Islamic country is changed.

When I found out that the official religion was Islam, Iran or Iraq came to mind immediately. I am happy to say that this is not the case as one sees both Muslims and non-Muslims working and the ethnicities getting along for the most part. I am glad to be experiencing this country, from the city life to the sights and history we are learning.

The sights and historical buildings are a wonder to see, an experience I hope all new SSU students will share in a few years. Malaysia is a country that shows one does not have to be of European descent to progress in the modern world, and its history is as multicultural as Canada’s or other major immigration nations.

Finally, thanks goes to the planners and professors, without who this part of the trip would be no different than staying in any other city. They have truly provided us with a wealth of invaluable knowledge that can only be learned from those who live in this country. They have my eternal thanks.

Hope you all are still doing well, see you in five weeks.

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