Meaning of Words

By November 7, 20102010, Asia

There are many things I have learned being here in Malaysia but one of my biggest lesson is that things are not always as they seem. The biggest example I can think of is the word Buddhist Monk. Us Westerns think of some holy chanting ignoring most worldly things type of person. In Malaysia monks are like everyone else going to Starbucks, buying a hello magazine and smoking a cigarette. Another thing I have learned is the importance of facts versus intention.  Intention is an important factor in many things but at the end of the day sometimes cold hard facts weigh out over intention. That also brings up the question of how do you decide which holds more weight. I have come to the conclusion that intention really can’t outweigh facts because human beings are amazing actors and can fool even the most astute of people. That being said Malaysia is a place of learning and of cultures coming together as one.

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