Peace Amidst Strangers

By November 7, 20102010, Asia

“…insofar as it depends on you, live peaceably with all men…” Romans 12:18

An inspiring aspect of this city is being able to see all these different faiths and cultures living with each other in peace. Here in Kuala Lumpur  there are Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and Christians all living and working amidst each other. Everyone of these religions encourages cultivating peacefulness; it is also interesting that each who practice these various religions speak of a similar ‘fullness of God’ with in his or her self.  In a devotional last week we discussed interconnectedness and I feel that KL is one of the prime places  to witness peaceable, interconnected living. This cultural richness is something I am not privileged to see at home and it is amazing. I know this word tends to be over used; but it is truly amazing. I am loving simply basking in and amongst the people here; there is something strangely familiar here that I didn’t feel in the Philippines.

Even though KL is extremely busy with never ceasing crowds, ear drum destroying music, and a little bit smelly it has it own beauty to it and there is an ambiance of peace here. One can feel it through the smallest interaction: sharing a smile with a cashier, a random conversation at the market or on the street, racing a young school boy up the spiraling staircase of the museum.  It is these types of moments that create a memorable trip.

I feel it is worth mentioning that in the market last week a man strode in front of me with his son on his shoulders, the child excited and safe. This served as a gentle reminder that I am on my Daddy’s shoulder’s too, completely at peace and seeing things I never imagined fathomable.



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