By December 12, 20102010, Asia

A week ago I was bicylcing around a temple, gazing into the reflective pools of water and contemplating the history of that ancient place. I now gaze into a Maine stream as it flows beside snow covered banks. I wonder how time moves on so quickly.
Yet, time will move on and as this travel term comes to a close I gather the gems of this trip together for one final look. The Paoay children’s playful spirit as they ran around the church courtyard before their choir practice, skyscrapers without end in Kuala Lumpur and intricately woven family ties in Chiang Mai.

This is where I, we, have been.
And now, where are we going?
We have all been shaped by this journey. I hope that we will all let it change us and continue to, and that we will grow.
Time moves fast, we must take time to reflect, there is a season for everything, everyone is a part of someone else’s movement through this life, let us never forget to grow and change and move together, wherever the waters of time may have us float.


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