Rice Paddies FTW

By October 21, 20102010, Asia

Life in the Philippines is filled with chaos, but the good kind. Looking four times before you cross the street, rides on open-back Jeeps, trikes and horse drawn carriages, eating fish heads and pickled eggs for dinner, and continually being the center of attention makes for an incredibly new and interesting experience.
Strangely, nothing really strikes me as weird or out of place here; I have travelled a lot and I see a lot of similarities here between places like Brazil, Mexico and Vietnam. Probably because of the strong Spanish influence, and the obvious Asian influence.
I am extremely blessed to be in a rural homestay; to wake up to cows mooing and roosters crowing, birds flying over our beds and sunrises over rice paddies make the true Filipino experience. We are lucky to have three homestay siblings; twin boys that are 8 years old, and a 9 year old girl. They don’t speak English, so we have to pull out all the stops in order to communicate with them – animal noises and piggy backs go a very long way. Living with children and being able to be a part of a family unit is probably the most impressionable part of visiting the Philippines. We are really able to engage in the culture in a way that staying in a hotel in the city would not provide. This experience is more than I could ask for, and I wake up looking forward to every pink sunrise over the rice fields.


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