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By November 9, 20102010, Asia

It seems that no matter where you go in the world, students everywhere share something very special in common.  We are all seeking to learn more about the world around us through our fields of study.  Some of us do better with sciences, and others with the arts, but either way we all share this common goal.  It was one particular situation in which I found myself that provided me with this revelation.  I had agreed to go shopping with two of the girls on our trip (big mistake), meaning I had agreed to stand around waiting for a few hours.  While waiting a friendly Iranian man named Rizal struck up a conversation with me.  The conversation started off very generically with the typical “Where are you from?” and “What brings you to Malaysia?”.  As soon as Rizal found out that I was here for education he brightened right up and the conversation took off.  He began to explain to me that he had just finished his Masters in Engineering and was about to go study at one of the top five engineering schools in the world in the UK.  I was also fortunate enough to get a run down of some of the major problems facing Iran.  Although this little conversation had very little to do with South East Asia, it had everything to do with what this travel experience is all about: learning.  These situations, although never the same and sometimes awkward, happen all the time if you are open to them.  I have learned to appreciate and look forward to them because they are great sources of learning.

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