Verbal Vomit

By November 30, 20102010, Asia

I’m sitting on a balcony in the warm sun, I can hear the familiar sounds of birds chirping and passing vehicles on the road near by. Nothing really out of the ordinary, right? Wrong. Warm sun I say, well it’s nearly December and where I come from the sun is not this warm at this time of year. And hearing a foreign language come from the loud speakers of passing vehicles is not ordinary. Not to mention that three Buddhist temples can be seen from this balcony alone.

I’m in a place where I’ve experience so much. So many sights, sounds and smells. How do I even put it all into words? It’s not even possible.

In the last three weeks I’ve felt God’s omnipresence in a Thai Lana Church, but I’ve also felt him lacking in many Buddhist temples. I’ve sat in many lectures on the eighth floor of the humanities building at Chiang Mai University. I’ve lived with a Thai family for two weeks – I became a Canadian daughter, granddaughter, big sister and cousin to a Thai family just as they became family to me. I’ve spent a few days in the mountains in a Karen Hill-tribe Village. I’ve climbed a mountain, eaten rive for breakfast, lunch and dinner – not to mention that bug I had for a snack. I’ve seen God’s incredible creation in the mountains, jungle and animals. I’ve fed, pet, sat on, ridden elephants. I’ve seen them walking along the street or crossing a river in the mountains. Elephants have become ‘normal’ so to say. I’ve jumped into a river at the bottom of a waterfall and let the current take me down stream a little ways. I’ve sat upon, stood on and even steered a bamboo raft down a river. I have walked through so many markets. I’ve experienced and taken part in Loi Krathong festival.

I’ve been challenged. I’ve had hard times and good times. I’ve cried till I’ve been nearly sick, I’ve laughed till I nearly wet myself. 😛 I’ve seen other’s hurt and other’s joy. I’ve felt other’s pain with them and joined in other’s laughter.

Great conversation.

Special friendships.

Incredible growth.

This is an experience.

I don’t even know where to start…..


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