what goes white, green, then pops?

By October 24, 20102010, Asia

Well… for a start the faces of the few brave enough to sit watching our bus man-handle it’s way south to Vigan city from Laoag. Most look away with thought processes similar to “uggg if i don’t look, i can pretend none of my vehicular paradigms are in danger, or at least nowhere near as much as that guy in the trike!” In truth though i am at home here in the Philippines. It would seem natural to latch onto the familiar, when presented with strange different and new(ish) environments, but here is my point. I am at home here, i feel no need to do any of this, i feel no need to attach myself to anything. (apart from pizza, but really can you blame me??) I think it is because this place is the twin sister of a place i called my home for six years. In so many broad intricate and unexpected ways, this place is the same. All said and done i find myself asking are these places; Manila, Laoag, and Vigan places in the Philippines, or are they in Baja, right next to TJ?


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