What words could grasp this?

By December 12, 20102010, Asia

This will be my final blog as a traveler and as a pilgrim with St. Stephen University. I had so recently traveled through Europe this past summer, and it seems like only days have passed since I arrived from being in Southeast Asia this fall. I am among a handful of students who decided to travel to these two completely different areas in a time span of 4 months.

What words could grasp what I would like to express right now?

This is the first blog post for which I don’t have words. What happened in the last 4 months is unlike any 4 months I have ever experienced (and probably ever will experience, due to the unique travel context SSU offers). What is now entering my mind are fragments of pieces of culture, growth, knowledge, understanding, lessons, and difficulties, too. As I begin to process these things, different memories of specific moments stand out at different times (there are so many of them). Some of the most recent memories include riding on the backs of elephants through Thai hill sides and across Thai rivers.

And now, I remember the distinctive characteristics of my two different home-stay families (one home-stay was in the Philippines, one was in Thailand – both were phenomenal, but altogether entirely different in terms of their family environment, worldview, and means of hospitality).

Q. After what I have seen and learned, how can I possibly continue to view the world as if inside a box? I must remember that there is always more to know.

So my eyes have become prisms. I have noted before that I have discovered the world to be a greatly complex and intricate place. I have grasped this in a way that has required the experience itself, and cannot be adequately measured or expressed in words, only. I have taken gifts which will stay with me for the rest of my life, allowing me to recognize a world outside of my own, one that is filled with a multitude of angles and perspectives, colors and shades. What this certainly will do, is provide me with a more enhanced means of analyzing and interpreting my own worldview.

Who I am, at my very core, has been broadened.

Here I go. Signing out.


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