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By November 4, 20122012, Asia

The more we travel the more I learn how unique each place is. In Southeast Asia, each country is comparable to a new world. Currently, we are in  Thailand.

The difference between the Philippines and Thailand is almost shocking. There are huge differences in people, architecture, religion, the amount of English, and more.
What I have found to be the most challenging in Thailand has been communication. Although there have been a lot of moments that creativity through communication has been shown, there is one in particular I want to share.
The Homestay family I’m staying with includes a six year old boy with the nickname Dia. Dia does not speak very much English and is just starting to learn.  I speak less Thai. And although we cannot understand each other he is determined to talk to me.
Most nights as Dia does his homework he comes and finds me, grabs my hand and leads me to the living room. We have begun sharing language together. One of us will draw a picture and the other will say either the Thai or English word. Other times I’ll read him a story in English and he will try to read it back in Thai.
These simple moments of sharing through our language barrier has been one of my favourites on the entire trip. I have learned through Dia’s determination to communicate, that communication is possible when you are willing to take the time. So, thank you Dia and thank you all for reading.

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