Bittersweet Goodbye

By October 8, 20122012, Asia

“Malaysia: Truly Asia” is something us Asia students have been hearing a lot of lately. This government endorsed catch phrase refers to the diversity of Malaysia.

 Yes, Malaysia is extremely rich with diversity ranging from ethnicity, religion to food, and more. And although individual ethnic groups have their own strong identities, a sense of united national identity is simultaneously being formed in Malaysia.
I was talking to a local Malaysian girl I met and she told me that she calls herself simply Malaysian (not Chinese Malaysian, or Indian Malaysian, ect.). She said many Malaysians are doing the same in an effort to build unity.
Looking back on these few days, that passed too quickly, I feel blessed to have met all of the local people I have. Hearing and learning about Malaysia from Malaysians has made the experience much deeper for me.
There have been many small moments that have meant the world to me. These moments made me feel connected with people at home –  all the way across the world –  giving me a sense of home here in Malaysia.
Honestly, I have not experienced much culture shock. I thought I would, but being here feels so right to me.
I would gladly stay for much longer, possibly even live here. Each day I have fallen more deeply in love with all that is Malaysia.
Although I am extremely excited to be heading to the Philippines tomorrow,  my heart aches a bit to say goodbye. For me I think it is more of a, “see you later” than a goodbye. So, until next time Malaysia.

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