Having a Pilgrim’s Spirit

By October 25, 20122012, Asia

Traveling with SSU has always had the value of pilgrimage come with it. In my own travels I have experienced this on several occasions. The thing I both love and hate about this idea is that to be a pilgrim is to open up yourself entirely to the will of God through the physical experience of travel. Generally, in my own case, this has never been a smooth experience. However, it has always been full of both joy and grief. Pilgrimage for me is an experience through which my steel is tempered, and this time has been no exception.

Usually, it seems that the thing that you need to learn from is the thing you are most avoiding, and in this trip I feel more confronted than ever. In this case I will probably rely on James yet again (possibly paraphrased) – “Do not let yourself be like a wave tossed by the sea, but let endurance have its full effect so that you will be complete and lacking in nothing.”


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