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Tower of love?

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We’re finishing up our time here in Paris and I still can’t figure out what the Eiffel Tower is all about. I pondered this many times before, and even now it seems so strange. Why is it such a symbol of love and a wonder for women? I don’t think I can answer the question for everyone but this got me thinking. What was my first experience with the Eiffel Tower?

We had just arrived in Paris. It was afternoon, and we had a few hours to burn so we decided to go find food. As I set out with a group of people we quickly came to a bridge and began walking across it. When I finally took the time to look around, there it was, the Eiffel Tower! What was it doing there? It was as if it came out of nowhere. Each one in our group turned and expressed our awe with a Woow!!!

Now, I was not so excited every other time I saw the Eiffel Tower but the city planning is done in such a way that it is a focal point. It is easy to see the Eiffel Tower from many different places in Paris.

I’m musing now, I think the Eiffel Tower has eclipsed its monument status to become a cultural symbol associated with the French language and love. The fact that it is a large monument gives awe, the lights they shine on it give awe and beauty. What cannot be materially created is the idea that’s been planted into women’s hearts. French, Paris and the Eiffel Tower, who decided you would be a symbol of love and romance? Maybe it is because a lover can look lovingly on something else, something other than their lover?

big place of refuge

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Our time here in Barcelona has been very quick, it seems like yesterday we landed from London. Yet, soon we leave. Yesterday, we visited Park Güell and the Sagrada Familia, two great monuments designed by Gaudi the famous architect. After crossing the city we scaled what seemed to be 100 flights of steps before arriving at the forest like park which overlooks the city. The park struck me as ancient with its red rocks but its crushed rock paths and rock columns create a semi man-made feel. The trees were somewhat ordered placement but it really did have a forest like feel. The day wore on, spending time talking, pondering, feeling and being in that park and its inspired Gaudi monuments (he also designed the park). The whole park felt like a big place of refuge. Many gathering places, places to perform, places to play, and higher up on the hill there were places for quiet, away from the rustle of people who flocked to the lower section of the park armed with cameras. Amid this experience, I was grateful for the space in the city to be, to stop, and reflect. How am I affected?