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You say Hello and I say goodbye – Katie Mott

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“Three more days and I will be home.” These words seem bittersweet as I repeat them to myself. In one respect I can’t wait to sleep in a bed that I don’t have to roll up every day, make a coffee and sit reading the newspaper in the morning, not eat a sandwich for lunch every day, not have to worry about the rain soaking the tent….But in other ways I have a longing to keep traveling. It is not only because I have loved experiencing other cultures through food, art and understanding the historical significance of the places I walk and the sites I see; it has been the people that I travel with that have made these past two months amazing. Every single person has added a unique dynamic to the group. From laughing in the rain, even after we haven’t seen a day of sun in ages, offering spare sweaters when the nights were especially cold, to jamming on the bus, it has been the people that i have come to love that have made this trip especially meaningful.

But a coffee by the ocean with friends and a meal with my family will be so good.

Dachau Reflections – Katie Mott

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This was written while I was visiting Dachau, the first concentration camp that was set up in Germany and was the prototype for all the other camps.

Deviation meant death

Medical research slaughter

and i cry

not only for their pain

But for all those who suffer

silently overlooked

all i can do is write

this paper will decompose

like the bodies of those in pain

and my cries , like theirs

will be unheard

[Here I sit , under the arms of a great spruce

but I feel no hope]

after writing this I went and looked at the Jewish memorial, that has no windows, but one opening in the roof. Standing inside looking at the beam of light coming in, i realized there is hope;

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