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Rebecca Aalbers

Hunger for Humanity

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Over the trip, it was a great blessing to visit the home of Fawn and Ken White in Rome, and that of the Murray’s in Vienna. It was an incredible opportunity to interact with “the locals” as we spent time in their homes eating and visiting. Gordon Murray is retiring from teaching Harpsichord at the University and treated us all to a bit of music while we were at his house. He also had two of his students come and share their music with us as they are working through their masters programs. I enjoyed visiting with the students and helping to see that though we are from different countries, we can have similar loves and interests in music. It was a great opportunity to be able to experience the home of someone who lives abroad; as it had more to offer than the hostels and places we stayed, for it had authentic people. It was such a treat to have these home visits for a meal/reception. I found that it helped me to see that I could one day live in a foreign city and thrive.

Pick your art, I like mine live

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London is an incredible city, known for many things, such as the theatre culture that exists. I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Phantom of the Opera, which has been playing in London for over 20 years. This is one of the many musicals that calls London home, as one could attend a different theatre performance every night for a month and still not see all that London has to offer. The theatre life is a source of evening entertainment for many people, as each theatre holds several hundred people if not a thousand.

It has been my dream to attend the Phantom of the Opera and I was willing to pay whatever it cost. It was worth every penny, as the play came alive through all of the different songs and performers who act out the roles with everything they have. The musical was spectacular and a vast contrast to the types of art that we explored in London during the day. I consider museums and art galleries to be filled with dead art and musicals and plays to be filled with live art. There are so many different types of art in the city that there is something there for everyone. I really enjoyed my time in London, and would gladly go back to have another experience of the rich culture that exists.