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Eight Days Left; Time Sure Flies

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Less than two weeks left until we return to our homes and do final assignments. It is sad that it has endded so quickly, it just seems like yesterday we were in Rome exploring the Forum. This trip has opened up Eroupe in a new light, seeing the sights of major reformations, and battle sites of the two world wars, just to name a few.

The SSU travel terms teach things that can not simply be taught in the classroom. The reflection we do on the history and art we see allows it to make a much greater impact on us; it has for me I can tell you that. I belive it has allowed us to grow as people and as a school community. I hope that the next years entering will also have this feeling as it is what makes the trip truly worthwhile. I hope that as we return home that we will continoue to grow from this experince and that it will not just be shoved in a little corner of our minds.


Europe, A Third Done!

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It is one thing to learn about history from a textbook, but it is something else to learn on the actual sites themselves. Seeing the art up close and personal in some of the very places it was inspired adds a whole new feel to it. It is like one has travelled back in time and witnessed the artist as they created the work. This comes from someone who likes the look of art, but never really sees himself as someone who would visit museum after museum. It is a once in a lifetime experience, one that I hope all future St. Stephen’s University students have.

Seeing the structures, such as a medieval town or the remains of Ancient Roman ruins, adds a depth of realism that one can not get through reading textbooks. Hearing the information on the actual sights, truly allows the SSU group to discover their roots and appreciate the history. I know that it has enhanced my understanding and will continue to do so for years. This trip is an experience that I would not trade for anything and I am privileged to go to a university that offers such an opportunity.

To all future SSU students, this trip is not even over and I am finding it to be so valuable; I urge you not to miss out on it.This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Malaysia, talk about different expectations

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Already one week in the country and this city and my idea of an Islamic country is changed.

When I found out that the official religion was Islam, Iran or Iraq came to mind immediately. I am happy to say that this is not the case as one sees both Muslims and non-Muslims working and the ethnicities getting along for the most part. I am glad to be experiencing this country, from the city life to the sights and history we are learning.

The sights and historical buildings are a wonder to see, an experience I hope all new SSU students will share in a few years. Malaysia is a country that shows one does not have to be of European descent to progress in the modern world, and its history is as multicultural as Canada’s or other major immigration nations.

Finally, thanks goes to the planners and professors, without who this part of the trip would be no different than staying in any other city. They have truly provided us with a wealth of invaluable knowledge that can only be learned from those who live in this country. They have my eternal thanks.

Hope you all are still doing well, see you in five weeks.

Asia, I’m finally here

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While hearing about the Philippines is good, being here is even better.

The trip so far has been a wonderful experience with the new sights and smells, especially the food. Experincing the culture is something that simply could not be replicated in the classroom and I am glad that I chose to come. I hope that for the first years reading, you will be able to experience this exciting adventure in the next few years.

Seeing the sites of important historical events and burial places, it has given me, as it would anyone who visits, a real appreciation for the history of not only the Philippines, but of Southeast Asia as a whole. It also makes one realize, if they did not consider it before, that Southeast Asia and Asia have a colorful and rich history in the same delight of Eroupean countries such as Britian or France.

Finally, the teachers and organizers really help to bring the people and their culture alive. Without them, one would not have the respect they have instilled in all of us.

Hope you all at SSU are having fun and a good semester, can not wait to see you again.