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In Transit To Paris – Zoe Fitch

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Since we’ve been running low on propane for our camp stoves, we had to dedicate a piece of our transit day toward finding a gas station that would exchange our empty tank for a full one…This ended up being a much more extended venture than anticipated. As it happened, we had to drive back and forth between Germany and France.

I found it so interesting that the only indicator that we had crossed the boarder between the two were the languages on the roads signs and billboards. Our seemingly endless quest to find a propane tank turned itself into an excellent example of the effects that the European Union has had on these two nations.

Although its history is somewhat vague, the EU and its roots can basically be traced back to the once hostile boarder that we had been crossing so peacefully and even unknowingly this morning. Following the Second World War, the people and governments of Europe were in desperate need of an extended period of peace. As the aggression and resentment in Europe was most concentrated in French-German relations, it was used as the initiation of the solution. The European Coal and Steel Community, an experiment in trade between these two nations, succeeded in dissolving the economic barrier between them. Somehow, the European Union, as loosely formed and vaguely stated as it is, has brought peace through Capitalism.