Thank you to everyone who nominated an organization, charity, and community group in St. Stephen! Together, we brought attention to many incredible organizations and were able to continue to support meaningful work in our communities.

Thanks to additional support from donors, we were able to recognize a total of 6 organizations and student nominators, contributing $3600.
For more details on the campaign’s inception and the types of organizations nominated during the COVID-19 pandemic, take a look at our article over at Huddle.Today: click here.



Keira Wood has nominated Youth Impact Jeunesse to receive a $500 donation. Youth Impact Jeunesse is an organization that provides quality care and guidance to children and youth between 10 and 24 years of age, with social, emotional, or behavioural challenges.

Keira says “I decided to participate in the community appreciation campaign because it was a great opportunity to support a local organization that goes out of their way to make us feel safe and supported. As a teenager myself, I know how hard life can be, however, I am fortunate to have an amazing support system at home. Unlike my situation, there are so many youth who do not have that strong support system and they are left feeling hopeless and alone. With that being said, some organizations in our city go out of their way to help those youth, or youth struggling with mental health and other things. Participating in this campaign allowed me to show my appreciation to one of those organizations for their support and help to youth in our community.”


Brennan Masson has nominated The Humanity Project to receive a $500 donation.

The Humanity Project is a Moncton-based not for profit organization “focused on helping the homeless/ in need. During this pandemic they’ve been one of the only soup kitchens to stay open. Each day they help those who can’t help themselves. Either with a hot meal or supplies to aid them in their situation. They’ve donated thousands to make sure those who need food or blankets get exactly what they need to keep living.”


Molly Jones has nominated Families Helping Families to receive a $500 donation to continue providing meals to people in need.

Molly writes that “They have been making bagged lunches every day for people in need to pick up at our local pub (The River). They have also been doing meal deliveries around our community for the elderly and people in need. They have also made donations to our local food bank. I have been passionate about helping others from a young age, and have been involved in school organizations such as WE Act and Leadership for as long as it has been available to me. I have attended multiple conferences such as We Day and The Canadian Student Leadership Conference where I have been taught the importance of giving back to your community. So when I saw the advertisement for this campaign, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to help my community.”


Claire Hermiston has nominated Sexual Violence NB to receive a $500 donation to continue providing information, support, and counselling to those affected by sexual violence.

Claire shares that “I wanted to participate in the community appreciation campaign to bring awareness and appreciation to an organization that offers very meaningful resources to members of our community. Sexual Violence New Brunswick advocates for and supports those impacted by sexual violence. In addition to specialized counselling services and community education programs, they offer a 24-hour call support line and support individuals in crisis and assist individuals in connecting to the resources they need. This service is extremely valuable under normal circumstances and remains a critical resource during these trying times of COVID-19 when in-person resources are sometimes unavailable. I have learned so much by volunteering for the organization for the past 2 years and hope others can join me in appreciating and recognizing their hard work and it’s impact on New Brunswick.”


Anna Maria has nominated First Steps Housing Project Inc. to receive a $500 donation to continue their efforts supporting pregnant and parenting young women.

Anna Maria writes: “COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. While we are all adjusting to “the new normal”, many of the hardships that come with domestic abuse, homelessness and addiction are exacerbated by social distancing and lack of supports. First Steps Housing Inc. has been working tirelessly through the pandemic to provide a safe and stable place to live for those young mothers and babies that need it, which they have been doing since their inception in 2002 and will continue doing after COVID-19 passes over. I wanted to bring recognition to their dedication and hard work in supporting the Saint John and greater New Brunswick community, for maintaining a steady environment during this time for the girls that live there. These girls and their babies represent a bright future after COVID-19.”


Jenaldy Guilang. has nominated Greater Saint John Emergency Food Program to receive a $500 donation for their amazing work in their community!

Jenaldy writes that “Greater Saint John Emergency Food Program has been helpful to me in times like this, as they never had a doubt to reach their helping hands to someone like me to those times I needed their service. This is the only way I could give back to them as I know it will be shared to someone out there who are in need too.”

The Program


St. Stephen’s University is proud to be located in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, and is grateful for all the grassroots and community-based support we have seen in the province during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We have always been a university that believes in the necessity and power of living as a community, training our students to live lives that are engaged with the people where we live. As such we want to draw attention and provide support to community groups in the province that are making a difference right now.

New Brunswick has been doing remarkably well during a very difficult time. This is because so many people have been working incredibly hard to take care of others. But there is a lot more to do and a long way to go. We hope that this campaign and these small contributions will help, but more than anything we hope that this campaign will help young people look more closely at the incredible leaders in their community and be inspired to follow in their footsteps.

To learn more about St. Stephen’s University and their commitment to Community Engagement contact President Dr. Margaret Anne Smith, [email protected] and go to SSU Community Engagement Scholarship

Community Appreciation Campaign

Anyone living in New Brunswick between the ages of 16-24 is invited to nominate a NB based non-profit organization that has been supporting their local community during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We will give $500 to three deserving community groups. We will also give $100 in local gift cards to the individuals who shared their story.

Campaign Details:
The Campaign will open to nominations on May 6, 2020. Submitters need to be between the ages of 16 & 24 as of May 6, and a resident of New Brunswick. Submitters must provide all requested information in order to be eligible for consideration. Only non-profit organizations, community groups and charities are eligible for consideration.

Three submissions will be selected by a panel from the nominations received via our website. Nominations must be made by midnight May 20, 2020. Awardees will be notified by May 22, and must provide further required information by May 26. A public announcement will be made on May 29, and will include pictures and information about awardees.

Awardees will be required to provide a brief statement about their organization and its activities during the pandemic, along with a picture or short video to introduce themselves to the public. Awardees will be given $500. Submitters of awardees will receive a gift of a prepaid gift card(s) to a local business(es) of their choosing, valued of $100 in total.

For more information on the campaign contact:
Dr. Matt Balcarras – Director of Operations & Communications, [email protected] – (604)-762-7355
Dr. Margaret Anne Smith, President – [email protected] – (506)-647-2809