The Community Engagement Scholarship is awarded to three or more students entering their first-year who have been actively engaged with their local community. 


The scholarship worth up to $11,800 is awarded toward your study in 2020 – 2021 and will be credited toward SSU tuition and fees. No amount will be returned in cash in the event of withdrawal.


  • A graduating student from New Brunswick
  • Minimum cumulative average of 80% for Grade 11 and 12 courses (top 6 – prioritizing courses in language, social science, mathematics and sciences)
  • Demonstrated interest and participation in local community engagement
  • Demonstrated leadership, initiative and organization skills will be given preference
  • Applied and confirmed in a BA program at St. Stephen’s University


Applicants are required to write a short statement explaining their contributions to community engagement and will need to provide a letter of support from a community member.

Leadership, initiative, and organization skills will be given preference. Financial need may be taken into account.


St. Stephen’s University is proud to be Canada’s smallest university and is proud to be located in ‘The Middle of Everywhere’, St. Stephen, New Brunswick. We have long been passionate about investing in our students and supporting them to become change-makers, no matter what they do after graduation, and now as we launch a new Community Engagement program, SSU is excited to offer a Scholarship program specifically for the future change-makers of New Brunswick.

Beginning in Fall 2020 we are offering three or more full tuition first-year scholarships (worth up to $11,800) for its BA programs in: 


  • International Studies
  • Community Engagement
  • Psychology
  • English
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies

For one student, this scholarship will be renewable, offering up to $11,800/year as long as they continue to meet the criteria for excellence.

Our academic program has always focused on helping students understand their place in the world, and on providing them with the skills and experience to change it. We are committed to the values of justice, beauty, and compassion, and we believe that by living in community, studying with people of diverse backgrounds, and travelling the world together, we can grow together in being people who live these values everyday. And it works.

Our graduates go on to succeed in a wide variety of fields: law, education, academia, community development, international development, and business leadership. This scholarship program is part of our commitment to invest in the community we have benefitted from being part of, and it is our hope that we can continue to learn alongside each other as we forge deeper connections to the town of St. Stephen and to the students that will lead us into the future.