SSU’s Community Innovation Campaign

St. Stephen’s University is at a pivotal moment in its development. Our second president retired at the end of 2018. We know that Generation Z is looking for something different in their higher education choices.

Building on our 44 year history, we are excited to initiate a new vision for SSU and we’d like to invite you to join us on this journey.

We are launching a bold campaign to advance our unique, innovative learning community. We need your support and are grateful for all expressions of solidarity!

SSU is a Registered Charity. All donations will receive a tax receipt.

Community engagement and social innovation

SSU will be orienting its programs more intentionally and directly towards community engagement and social innovation. Through our unique world travel program we’ve always had a ‘global classroom’, but we now want to incorporate local community immersion as well. Students will learn first-hand about the needs of real people living in our local community, while serving them.

This hands-on experience will inform and extend their classroom learning, bridging the gap between theory and practice. As students begin to understand the complexities of real life issues, we hope that the community itself becomes the ‘incubator’ in which social innovation and creative problem-solving emerge. We will partner with existing community organisations, helping to increase their capacity. In a tangible step towards this vision, the university has been given the opportunity to develop a community centre that will house several non-profit organisations wishing to offer services to local residents.

As SSU serves rural New Brunswick in this way, we hope to further contribute to the transformation of our local community. At the same time, we hope to inspire the inner transformation of our students into passionate, hopeful changemakers, ready to engage with their communities, wherever they find themselves.

Reducing Student Debt

 For years we’ve been concerned by the burden of student debt that constrains many of our graduates. Through a new debt-reduction program, we will be working with students to reduce their student debt while they are studying at SSU. The program will include financial management coaching and part-time work, while maximizing alternative funding sources.

Join our Social Innovation Campaign

SSU is launching a $1.2m Social Innovation Campaign as the university repositions itself to meet the needs of a new generation of students and takes advantage of its unique location in a rural Maritime economy. Funds raised will be applied to new program development and delivery, revitalizing aging infrastructure, raising enrollment to healthy levels, investing in innovative scholarships, and community impact in the town of St Stephen. This infusion of capital allows for operational sustainability by year three.

 For more information, please contact Jeremy Barham, Interim President   [email protected]   (506) 467-7561