Is the School of Contemplation for credit?

Yes! Each term of participation is worth one credit hour for registered students. That means that if a student participates in three terms, it becomes a three credit course that can contribute toward graduation and possibly even your major. (Of course this means there is reading, regular participation, and reflective writing required.) Or you can choose to audit any of the terms.

Does that mean there is a cost? 

The first term is free, even when it’s for credit, but there will be regular tuition fees for the last two terms.

Can visitors or auditors take part? 

Yes! Anyone can come take part any week and see what it’s like. Or anyone can audit the whole term for free for any of the terms.

What if I’m not a Christian? 

While most of the authors we’ll study are Christians, the beauty of contemplative practices is that they’re very accessible from many points of entry. Many who see themselves as “spiritual but not religious” have fallen in love with various forms of contemplation. We want to make it as comfortable as possible for anyone to take part, and learning from everyone’s different experiences and outlooks will be an important and rich part of our times together.