Co-Vation 2020 Video

By April 22, 2020July 20th, 2020Current News
Our ovation/convocation weekend will look very different this year. On Friday, April 24th at 5 pm ADT, we are having a small COVID Ovation gathering (Co-Vation) over Zoom with our students. At 6 pm ADT we will be sharing this video with our wider internet community to continue the celebration.
This video was one of the ways we wanted to express to our students we miss them, that we are also grieving the loss of this term, yet we are so grateful for this last year with them.
At St. Stephen’s University, our ovation/convocation weekend is dear to us. It may be similar to other institutions with banquet halls, gowns, awards, and speeches. But when classes are small like ours, those moments take on a greater significance. You know every person speaking, you remember their stories because you were there too. You can still hear the guitars around crackling bonfires (or someone playing the piano at 3 am). You remember the solidarity of late-night exam cramming in the dining room with coffees and a couple of friends.
This weekend is a tradition, an opportunity to practice gratitude – to receive and to give. It breaks our hearts that we are unable to celebrate the way we would love to. Students and graduands, thank you again for sharing these memories with each other.

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