My responsibility

By July 13, 20102010, Europe

Our history is a linear one – from our parents to us the history of mankind falls into our hands. Thus, understanding our culture, the culture of western civilization, becomes pertinent to us when the torch of civilization is passed down to us. Essentially, the epitome of humanity is the individual, thus the individual, through inter-personal interaction, determines, then defines what it is to be human. Travelling Europe gives to us the opportunity to witness the culture that was once changed, advanced, altered, and contributed to by individuals who had the power of will to assert their creative influence and ultimately, however grand or minute, they have changed the course of history. From the architects that designed the Eifel tower, to the eccentric painter who taught us to perceive the world as impressions, we study them all because it is our responsibility to do so. As equal sharers in humanity it falls to us to either improve what it means to be human, or degrade it. It is my responsibilty.

Aaron R.

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