Kendall loves flowers

By May 24, 20102010, Europe

I have only been back home, here in St. Stephen for a week, and yet here I am leaving once again. I had spent the last term in Fort Mac, or ‘hell on earth’  as I like to call it. I have been looking forward to this trip to Europe for four years, since I was last there in 2006. The streets, the smells, the pizza, it all calls out to me, begging for me to return.

Today, I sit on my porch in the sun, beer in hand, writing this blog and I find myself wishing I could spend a little more time in my home town before setting off on another adventure. However, when it comes to it, St. Stephen only has so much to offer.

I have previously been on three other Europe trips with the SSU community. Every two years since I was 12, until I entered SSU as a student. Now finally feeling the burden of the work load I feel as if I deserve to be on the trip. For the first time I will be there, not as a under aged tag-a-long or small fry mascot, but as a student experiencing my dream like childhood in real time. From seeing new cities to actually researching the art that I have seen time and time again, this will be the first time that I have truly been to Europe. Also, did I mention Kendall likes flowers?

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