Another Chapter of Waiting

By August 12, 20102010, Europe

Every time that I find myself back in Oakville, I feel like I am waiting for something, or recovering from something. So now, I’m recovering from Europe, and waiting for Asia.
What do I do in the mean time? These times can be so meaningful, if I let them. I tend to find myself right back in the social, party scene, and sometimes I lose sight of the things I have just come back from learning. The application of this education is sometimes harder than we are led to believe. But if I am to start this movement, this tidal human ocean, this wave-making of a revolution, it starts with speaking out, against society, against the norm, and showing the world what I’ve learned and what we can become.
Easier said than done.
I want to move, I want to inspire, but it’s so hard to get those feet walking for the first time.
So what is there to be done? We have to get off our sofas and go outside, and talk to people, and meet someone new, and say, “Hey look at this great idea I’ve got, share it with me.” And then they’ll share it with someone else, and it’s like “Pay It Forward” all over again, but with a reformation of thought–a reformation of the mind, heart and soul. It’s engaging in a life that is worth living, exploring art and history and religion and community and politics and the ebb and flow of our lives, of their lives–how their lives intermingle with our lives like the phosphorescent particles in the ocean, and how that can be so simply beautiful. How we as a species can be so beautiful just by being, but in being we must also do, and in doing we create a mass amount of good and love and intellect and pure joy.
I’m going to try it.

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