Beginnings and Ends

By July 17, 2010August 11th, 20162010, Europe

It’s funny how initial experience can potentially hold such influence on the entirety of an experience. At the beginning of the trip in Barcelona we enjoyed a lecture from Dr. Susan about Catalonia and its people and their current position as a part of Spain. This context built a unique lens through which to view the city in a different and more meaningful way. Since that initial experience I have been searching in each new location for a context through which I can more fully understand my surroundings. After this local commentary in Barcelona I continued to search for similar things in other places. At first I was disappointed that I was generally unable to find this in other places. Of course I wished that I could have found this, but I have come to realize there is a wealth of different sorts of context if only I can perceive them. While some cities seem only a monument to the past, if it is allowed, this serves as a context of its own and something of this sort exists in every place. Seeing this from the beginning of trip has shaped it all the way through to the end. The beginning and end are formed by the same valuable lesson.

Hudson Doerge

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