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By June 21, 20102010, Europe

Whenever I want to have a good time in Europe I sit down and write a blog. There is nothing more exciting than what I am doing right now.

For reals though, this trip has been great. With this being my fourth trip and fourth time seeing the sites that we visit, i find myself wishing once again that i was experiencing these things for the first time. I am enjoying seeing all these pieces of art and huge churches again, and it is nice that I have memories of the cities that we visit and for the most part can remember my way around, but i can’t help but feel left out in a way.

When we first arrived at Carcasonne I watched Aaron jump up on the same wall that I had climbed when I was 12, and it made me sad. Not really, but I did wish that I could be experiencing this crazy walled city for the first time with him, instead of from the ground looking up at the joy on his face.

I find myself fighting to try and experience these old cities in a new way, but my expectations and memories of how I spent my time within their walls creates a difficult barrier to overcome. I have and will continue to have new experiences and to create new memories… but I have to write a blog about something.

Isaac F.

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