Europe in Review

By August 13, 20102010, Europe

The Europe 2010 Travel Program ended weeks ago and as I write the final assignments for our courses, I cannot help but reminisce about the wonderful time that I had while I was there with my friends. I think back to the Friday spent exploring Barcelona and the evening of hanging out in Carcassonne. I remember the leather market in Florence and seeing the David for the first time. I recall staring at the beautiful mountains in Zell am See and exploring the streets of Dresden and Munich. I remember the moment that I saw Marc Chagall’s stained glass windows in Zurich and the mountains of Lauterbrunnen. The Eiffel Tower at night, the stars in the sky in Belgium and the absolutely wonderful city of London.

I won’t soon forget my time in Europe and the experiences that I had there, good and bad. This is what makes SSU’s programming so unique and valuable: the unique travel study programs. Thanks to SSU, I have been to both Asia and Europe, learning hands-on as I went. That is by far the best and most memorable way to learn, through experience. So, as I say goodbye to my SSU travel terms, I wait until the travel bug bites again and see where it takes me next and I am thankful that SSU has taught me how to travel well.


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