Europe… it’s happening!

By May 24, 20102010, Europe

Well, here I am, writing my first blog for a Europe trip I wasn’t planning on being a part of when I started my second year in the Fall.  Here I am, pondering what to write about with heavy eyes and a mind filled to the brim with new snippets of knowledge about brilliant artists, genius composers, the politics of the EU, language divisions, historical events both victorious for the human race and heartbreaking, and the list could go on.  Here I am, in the midst of homework and classes, trying to make sure everything is in order: bags packed, ipod charged, another trip to the store, call credit card company, legs waxed, one more trip to the store… We catch a plane tomorrow and land in Spain and I have no idea what to expect.  I have moments of normalcy when I feel like I’m just here at SSU going to school then it clicks in and I start thinking, “Is this really happening?  Am I really getting ready to spend two months sleeping on the ground, strolling down cobblestone streets and standing before gigantic pieces of artwork, centuries old?”  I am here.

My favourite moment of this week was the ‘ice breaker’ chapel.  One hour of hearing a glimpse of where everyone was coming from, how we were all feeling, what we are hoping for.  It broke the tension of what was unknown within each person and connected us — in that moment we became a group.

I look forward to seeing and experiencing all the growth ahead, individually and collectively.


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