Life is one big Adventure

By August 18, 20102010, Europe
Thinking about all the things that I have experienced this past summer, I look back and think of how privileged I am to have seen so many wonderful places. A trip like this one is full of so many experiences; being able to spend an afternoon walking through Paris, climbing the Arc De Triumph or seeing Big Ben and the black cabbies in London, and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea in France are all wonderful things that I was able to experience during my trip. The fact that a community can go pack up and travel together for almost an entire summer is incredible. Getting into the daily rhythm of moving from one campground to the next, finding time to relax on the bus or have a conversation was really neat.
Being back home and seeing friends again, having them ask me how my time in Europe was, I find my self finding it hard to condense such a huge trip into a few words, other than it was awesome. Hiking through the Alps, drinking a bold roast espresso in Italy, or hanging out on the Michelangelo Steps watching the sun slip below the skyline are all experiences that I will remember for a long time. I read Donald Miller’s new book while I was on the trip, and I found myself wanting to talk and write about my experiences. He talks about his experiences and the importance of experiencing life, and of telling a good story.
After a summer of traveling I feel like I will be able to tell some pretty neat stories. Walking through countless museums, city centers and cathedrals, I am thankful to be home, and thankful to once again find routine and enjoy the rest of my summer.

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